maddie ziegler makes my heart smile
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dance moms (and some little dancers), but special mention to miko fogarty and ricky ubeda



Maddie in Disappear, endless turn request :)

I did my best…endless turn gifs usually just happen haha it’s hard to make them perfect.

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This is gorgeous.


This is gorgeous.

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RARE!!! Maddie getting an award at a competition before Dance Moms!

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maddie and kendall have had matching hairstyles everyday in australia and its the cutest thing

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10. Abby sending Brooke on 2 dates
like brooke said, its dumb that shes always like “no boys!!!” but keeps setting brooke up on dates. putting them in such awkward situations with a camera crew following them around wont really help improve their chemistry..
11. Christi vs Leslie street fight
12. Chloe and Payton being suspended for nationals
unfair to punish the girls for their moms behaviors, especially for nationals
13. Asia vs Mackenzie for the ‘The View’ performance
it was pretty clear from the beginning that mackenzie was going to do it…
14. Chloe vs Maddie , same solo
the whole situation was just messed up…its unfair to pit these two girls against each other in that way, they’re both amazing and i wish abby would just leave it at that. the scoring mix up was like salt on the wound
15. Abby making everyone vote on either Maddie or Chloe
cruel and completely unnecessary

# 8 & 11
- lovelymaddiez

8. Kelly pulling her kids from recital 2 years in a row
dont really remember why she pulled her kids in season 2, but didn’t they end up performing..? but in season 3 i thought she overreacted a little, she didn’t even let paige try. idk i thought it was a good opportunity for paige to challenge herself and rise to the occasion

Christi vs Leslie street fight
what were they even fighting about…? i was pretty shocked when i saw it tbh. im sure they’ve both learnt from it though since it must be embarrassing to have that shown on national tv


Get your followers to send you a number, then give your opinion on the situation - I repeat - Not meaning to create drama by posting this , just allowing people to voice their opinion, please don’t argue over things people answer with. ;

  1. The Maddie and Kalani Duet
  2. Anthony pushing the boys…

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How many people in this fandom aren’t from the US?


I mean I know a few but it seems there are so many more

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Varna IBC 2014
Miko Fogarty - Junior Silver Medalist
Round I





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